Organize your random cables for less than $20!

Yesterday I decided I needed to organize my work cabinet. It was something that I had been putting off for a while now and it bothered me that I had stuff everywhere. 
I was at Michaels craft store and these great containers were 50% OFF.  So for the price of one I got two. They rang up at $6.99 each. They had other ones too and the whole line was on sale. 

Here is the link to online.
What the containers look like from the top.
The containers with the lid off to see the compartments inside.
What I did was wrapped all my cords with rubber bands. I put my smaller hard drives on top and the larger, older hard drives on the bottom.  I choose to use the teal one for things I use the most and the coral one for things I use less often. You can see in the teal one I have a point and shoot Sony camera, SD cards, 3 hard drives, a lens baby, camera straps, square reader, expo disk, SpyderXpro and a couple of adapters. In my coral one, I have some very old hard drives, my labeler, lots of cables, a Polaroid printer, printer paper, chargers and batteries.
The drawer on top with the compartments.
All closed up and ready to be stored safely.
I placed my teal container on top because I will be pulling it out often. I placed the coral one on the bottom of my cabinet since I won’t be needing it as often. I love that for about $15 I have fully organized my entire cabinet closet. At this price point, you can purchase several and organize not just your cables and random things but even your bathroom or kitchen! These are great containers and at 50% off it’s a steal.
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