I get asked a lot where I find some of my favorite things and it’s usually amazon. Amazon is a huge resource for me. In this post I will share with you some of my favorite things!

#1: The baby shutter. I run this little device during my entire session. It is wonderful and plays in 30 minute increments. Many of my clients have purchased these after having their session with me. They are perfect for at home because after 30 minutes it will turn off. I love that feature because it keeps me on time during my session without having to keep checking my watch. I won’t do a session without this!

#2 The munchkin Lulls-Vibe vibrating mattress pad device does a soothing vibration. I use this sometimes under the blankets or sometimes I use it on the baby during the froggy pose. It puts out a soft vibration that some babies really enjoy. I am unsure why the reviews are not that great, but I have used this for over a year and still have not had to change the batteries. I love that it is small enough to be used anywhere I need it.

#3 The cart! My cart is blue, but I wouldn’t have a session without it. I have blankets and burb clothes on the bottom and outfits, baby Spanx, headbands and hats on the top. I also have sanitizer and wipes easily accessible on my cart. It’s super sturdy and convenient to roll where I need it.

#4 Rolled backdrop storage. At only $24.99, this solution is great for your rolled backdrops. It is cardboard but it has hold up nicely over the past 3 years. It also helps minimize the space that you take to store your rolled backdrops.

#5 A card table. If I was new to the industry of newborn photography the one thing I would tell myself is to not use a beanbag or beanbag system. A card table is anywhere from $30-$50 and is sufficient enough to do the job and also sturdy. This card table legs lock into place. There are many newborn tables out there for purchase but I think the price is the reason why I never bought any. I have been unsung a card table for 3 years and it was one of the best purchases I have made. Easier on my back and enough width for all my blankets.

You can see us working on the table.
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